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Company's Profile

Haitai Medical Information Systems Co., LTD, founded in 2001, now is headquartered in Nanjing, China. Haitai has branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,Hangzhou,Wuhan,Fuzhou and Changchun and has established the national marketing network .Meanwhile, Haitai has made a good beginning in overseas businesses: Haitai International Co. has officially established in Houston, Texas, United States in 2011.

Haitai as the professional solutions provider for the clinical medical information has more than 10 years development in China. We dedicated to technology and products innovation with the concepts of "high-quality products, advanced technology, absolutely satisfy " and "customer satisfaction is our forever pursue".

We offer qualified products, high-level technical and professional services to the users through the constant accumulation and development. Based on our profound understanding of the industry and customers demand, we have formed "EMR centered informationalization for the entire hospital", "Clinical Trials Management" as the core solution. We have been successfully applied in more than 100,000 units installed, serving nearly 200,000 healthcare providers for providing information system service to tens of millions of patients every day.

Dedicated to management in advance, standardization and quality management, Haitai has passed the ISO9001 International quality management system certification, information security management system certification of ISO27001,ISO20000 IT service management system certification, CMMI Level 3 certification which is the "double software certification enterprises", "high-tech enterprises". Haitai has built a standard and perfect after-sales service standards, quality management standardization and ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Our goal is fully utilization of our professional knowledge to better service clinical health care industry and to provide high qualified implementing services plus personalized health care service. More than 90% of Haitai employees have technical expertise background and more than 20% of them also have health care background. We also have cooperated with several famous universities both in the mainland and overseas to make innovation and human resource training. It will largely drive Haitai long-term and stable development in the following times.

Haitai's products are very famous for the advanced technology, the mature service and the stable performance. We will always focus on the technology research and development. Haitai R&D center in US as the international center will coordinate with our mainland R&D center to assume Haitai R&D work for our product lines and solutions.

Haitai will be dedicated to improvement and innovation to continuously provide solutions that exceed customer's expectations. Haitai will keep innovation and improvement to be the professional provider in the whole industry.