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HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference

      Feb.12th, 2018, "HAITAI 2017 summary commendation conference" in Suning Galaxy Novotel Hotel grand. All the staff and special guests gathered for a happy time.

      In 2017, the company made more breakthroughs and made many achievements. At the meeting, Lumiao, the chairman of the company, fully acknowledged the efforts made for the company this year, and put forward a firmer goal for the future development, the company has placed higher expectations.

      At the wrap-up meeting, the company recognized outstanding employees and teams, including the award of excellent staff, best staff award, excellent team and best team, and this year added the award of excellent innovation award, awards in the work in collaboration, to create a successful department.

      The new year has already begun, we will make unremitting efforts, will eventually realize the personal dream, the Haitai dream, the National dream!

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference-Speech by President Lumiao

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference- Five Year Staff Contribution Award

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference- Ten Year Staff Contribution Award

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference-Outstanding Staff Representative's Award Presentation

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference-Best Staff Award Photo

HAITAI 2017 Summary Recognition Conference-Programme Performance