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2018 Nanjing Haitai advanced seminar successfully ended!

      2018 Nanjing Haitai advanced seminar by Haijing Haitai Company successfully ended the meeting schedule and ended on April 21 at the Yongchang Hotel in Xi'an!

      The seminar invited a total of more than 40 hospitals in Shaanxi Province, a total of more than 60 experts and representatives to participate. The conference focused on "clinical information development of hospitals", "medical quality management", "paperless application of medical records", "integrated construction of emergency doors and doors" and other aspects of in-depth explanation and discussion.

      This seminar, the company was fortunate to invite so many hospital experts and delegates to share the information construction process experience and experience. Through this seminar, contributed to a set of experience sharing, information exchange, open up ideas as one of the platform, on-site response is enthusiastic!